How To Inspire Your Children To Read The Bible: 6 Fun Tricks!

How to inspire your children to read the bible!

Inspiring kids to do anything you want them to is a trick. The way to be successful is to make the activity fun, so it’s something the kids want to do rather than something you tell them to do. Inspire kids to read the Bible using some of the methods outlined below.

  • Read a quality children’s Bible to your kids as they grow. You can do this from day one and they will grow up reading the Bible and knowing scripture through your time together.
  • Discuss the Bible with your family members. Kids will want to know what you’re talking about and how they can participate in the discussion. Allow the kids to pick up Bibles and begin to read for themselves rather than force the issue.
  • Let them see you reading and studying the Bible. Kids learn to do most things by example. By allowing children to see you read the Bible, they are more likely to do so themselves.
  • Make a game or a contest such as who can recite the most Bible verses. Kids love to compete and love positive attention. You can present a small prize such as a sticker or a special treat to the child who wins each week or each month.
  • Purchase appropriate Bibles for the individual children. There are many Bibles geared toward helping kids and teens deal with the issues their age group faces and can help guide your kids through the years.
  • Utilize the Bible and it’s lessons in solving your daily issues and help your kids to do the same. This will help the kids develop the habit of going to the Bible for answers and also helps them understand how the Bible pertains to their daily lives.

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