Wanda L. Ball speakerThanks for your interest!  I would love to speak at your next youth, family or adult only event.  I am an experienced “1 Min with Wanda” youth and family speaker, speaking at local church events that are centered around applying God’s word to daily living.

Who Do I Speak To or For?

The youth and families of your church or venue!

Topics can include:

  • Q&A from the youth about God and the Bible – and how to apply scripture to their daily lives.
  • Family problem solving that deal with poor communication, low self-esteem, anger, lack of respect, the occult world (ie. vampires, cutting, tattoos, witchcraft, psychics, yoga) etc…
  • Family Faith – “I can’t see it – so why should I believe in it? What and Who is it? And How do I get some?”
  • How to live a Prosperous Christian Life for Teens
  • How to rekindle and reclaim your spiritual power! (Based on my new book: Salt – Rekindle and Reclaim Your Power Within)

Where do I speak and how much do I charge?

Anywhere that God leads me to go! (Honorarium = Base fee + travel expenses)

Here’s my list of new/previous speaking topics:

  • How to put God back into the Holidays (Family)!
  • Why does bad things happen to good people (Family)?
  • Answers to kids Easter questions/Christ vs. Easter Bunny (Youth)!
  • Talking to kids about God (Youth)!
  • New! Rekindling and Reclaiming your Spiritual Power that you’ve lost (Adults)!

You can also click here to view my Top radio and internet show speaking engagements!

So what’s next?  Please complete the form below and I will get back with you about my availability and fees.  Looking forward to working with you!